What will you gain?


I start work on the website with a thorough examination of the client’s expectations regarding the implementation. The main tool that allows me to examine them is a completed brief.

The next step is to develop a communication style tailored to the target of the website.

All websites and online stores that I make are created in accordance with UX and UI. This guarantees their high usability and intuitiveness. And all this ultimately translates into results in the SERPs.


During each project, I strictly stick to pre-set standards.


In the case of company websites, blogs or business cards, it is WordPress. If you deal with sales – additionally, the WooCommerce Content Management System (CMS) allows you to freely edit the content on each subpage. Thanks to it, you will be able to edit contact details, add photos or new products yourself.
RWD is a simple language – adapting to any type of devices. Responsive websites will display well on a computer, tablet or phone.
60% – this is the number of users who abandon your website if it takes longer than 1 second to load. I throw out redundant scripts, optimize images and much more – all to make your website work as quickly as possible.

At the time of acceptance, the website will use the most optimal and least failure versions of the software. I install anti-spam protection. I will also install an SSL certificate. Immediately after the implementation, I create a full backup and keep it for the next 12 months.

Your website will be cataloged in Google right after implementation.
It will also be prepared for positioning, and I will show you what to do to get the best results.


Senso Med

December 2022

sklep internetowy z akcesoriami sensorycznymi

Online store with sensory accessories.

Krajowy Projekt

November 2022

strona internetowa dla firmy pozyskującej leady w branży oze

Renewable energy solutions for individual and business customers.


February 2018

Chamber of Commerce near Krakow.

Adwokat Draus

April 2021

strona internetowa dla kancelarii adwokackiej

Legal services.

Pizzeria Castello

February 2021

strona www dla pizzerii

Pizzeria in Łańcut.

Joanna Dejneka

September 2022

szkolenia i usługi kosmetyczne - strona internetowa dla salonu urody

Training and beauty services.

Firany Łańcut

June 2022

Salon z firanami w Łańcucie - strona internetowa

Tailoring services and sales.

Gabinet Golden

September 2021

strona www dla gabinetu weterynaryjnego

Veterinary office.


July 2020

strona internetowa dla szkoły spadochronowej

Skydiving in Laszki.


umowa strona internetowa ikona


We sign a contract specifying the scope of work, deadlines and functionalities of the website.

zaliczka strona www ikona


After signing the contract, I issue an advance invoice for 50% of the total order amount.
finalizacja projektu strony internetowej ikona

Finalization of the project

Final payment within 7 days after receiving a fully operational site.


The page itself cannot break. However, someone or something (malware) can do it. All software has vulnerabilities, even the latest versions of iOS. The art of maintaining the stability of such software consists in periodically and quickly fixing vulnerabilities. Each update significantly reduces the risk of our website being infected. When someone with bad intentions finds a vulnerability in the code of the CMS panel we rely on, or in the code of some installed plugin. This in a short time begins to massively scan the Internet in search of sites with such vulnerability. After infecting the first few pages, software developers release patches very quickly. And it depends only on us whether we will protect ourselves quickly enough by updating our software. An infected website can be destroyed or used for mass SPAM mailings. The latter scenario is more common. A website that sends spam can get blacklisted very quickly and be out of search results for a few months or even a year. Not to mention the fact that all e-mails in popular e-mail programs, such as gmail, will end up in SPAM. It should be remembered that it is the owner of the website who is responsible for its proper security. I periodically remind my clients about the need to update, and I always offer such service as part of the package. Each website that I give to the client is 100% safe on the day of its delivery. However, this situation can change very quickly after even a few weeks.

The cost of maintaining a website consists of several elements:


– domain cost
It depends on the domain name you choose, for example domains ending in .eu are more expensive than .pl. Prices range from PLN 80 to PLN 200 net per year.

– server cost

The most optimal package to start with is 147.6 PLN gross per year. The final annual cost depends on the customer’s needs, because large online stores may need more disk space.

– service cost
Making changes to the page content or adding simple bookmarks can be done by the client himself. However, if you prefer to leave it on the shoulders of the developer, then the cost of a man-hour ranges from 60 PLN to 180 PLN gross, for me it is 86.1 PLN gross/h. In addition, the cost of service should be added to the regular updating of the CMS and installed plugins. Regular backup is also important, especially after implementing major changes to the website. The cost, depending on the frequency of treatments and the level of website development, ranges from 200 PLN to 700 PLN net per year..

SSL is a certificate assigned to a domain, thanks to which all packets between the user and the domain are encrypted. In practice, this means that, for example, our internet provider or a person who hacks into our wifi network, it is not possible to obtain the data that we send to the website, e.g. using the login or contact form. The SSL certificate significantly affects the image of the website, but it is also treated as a great asset by Google robots, which tend to catalog websites with this certificate slightly higher.

RWD – responsive web design, is a set of rules related to adapting a website to the resolution of different screens

The domain is JUST the name of our website. This is exactly the address that we enter in the browser bar when we want to go directly to a page.
The domain is connected to the server using DNS addresses. Thanks to this, we do not have to enter complicated IP addresses, but only easy-to-remember names.
You can buy a domain yourself from any provider or buy it directly from the developer.

In order for the domain to be active, it must be paid regularly, most often in 12-month cycles, but nothing stands in the way of paying it in advance for a longer period.

Hosting is a separate place on the computer’s disk called the server, where the files of our website are located. It is running almost all the time (over 99% uptime on average).
The server is connected to the domain using DNS addresses. The hosting service must be renewed periodically. Usually on a 12-month basis.

The cost of a website depends on many factors. The price for creating a website starts from PLN 240 on Allegro, for a really basic template, through about PLN 3,200-7,000 gross for a corporate website with all the rules of good web design, to even several hundred thousand for really large projects.
The price of creating a website depends on several factors – the level of complexity of the project, whether it is based on a template or rather an individual graphic design, the experience of a web developer, SEO and optimization procedures, and the functions to be embedded in it.
More on the subject of websites can be found in the websites tab. Write or call to get a quote for your website.

Sklep internetowy

Był to wymagający projekt, dla niezwykle trendujących produktów, jakimi są kołdry obciążeniowe. 

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